Call for Papers

Important information before submitting your paper(s):

  1. The scientific conference committee will consider all articles received by the published deadline to ensure that the submission is relevant and aligned to the conference theme and sub-theme
  2. Target audience roles include but not limited:
    1. Development staff/faculty in colleges and universities
    2. Teaching and learning supporting staff, graduate students, and researchers
    3. Professional, business practitioner and entrepreneurs
    4. UG and PG Senior project/dissertation students
  3. The international conference will provide attendees with different registration packages as per your registration category
  4. Al authors should be aware of the conference ethical principles
    1. Authors should only submit original work that has not been previously published; otherwise, it can be viewed as self-plagiarism as it is material from another work without attribution
    2. Upon submission, the author notifies the conference committee that the paper has been previously published or simultaneously submitted; and the published policies of the publications or conferences involved do not prohibit this
    3. If you plan to present the research of others in your materials, you must impute all sources in full and in writing within your materials